History of Lake Tahoe Keys

The Tahoe Keys were first established in 1959, dredged from the middle of the Truckee Marsh with the excess soil used to form the different islands and eleven miles of backyard waterways. Most homes were built between 1960 and 1975 during which the subdivisions were first established. The original idea was to develop summer cabins but the developers quickly revised their plans and shifted towards townhouses and model homes.
A total of five subdivisions were established and in 1975 the final one, Lighthouse Shores was completed and is now one of Lake Tahoe’s most prestigious gated communities.  The Keys were first envisioned to be shaped as a key and although developers strayed from that idea the name stuck.
 Lake Tahoe Keys Features & Amenities:

·         Private security patrols
·         Private Water Association
·         Home owners clubhouse and pavilion
·         Homeowners pier
·         Playground Facility
·         Private homeowners beach
·         Tennis Courts
·         Volleyball Courts
·         Heated Indoor and Outdoor Pool